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The exhibition Entry Exit Points explores the various ‘points’ in the narrative arc of the creative process by exhibiting artworks at the different stages in their development – from the sketch to the propositional experiment to the resolved work. As a form of intellectual and imaginative inquiry artists learn and reflect from a number of entry and exit points concerning the idea under investigation, coming to terms with both the skills associated with their practice and finding their own location within the broader cultural context. Through documentation, process-driven inquiries and finished artworks Entry Exit Points aims to expose the various stages of inquiry in the creative process highlighting speculation and reflection as important components of artistic methodology.


Exhibition dates are 17th of April – 11 May 2014.


Andrea Eckersley, Bridget Hillebrand, Julian Holcroft, Zinzi Kennedy, Tom Parsons, Clare Rae, Steven Rendall, Geoff Robinson, Sophie Takach, Sebastian Temple.

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